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BEETHOVEN Piano Concerto No 5 in e flat major. Op 73. Performance by Helene Grimaud with Paavo Jarvi conducting Frankfurt Radio Sinfonia. The Emporer concerto was composed between 1809 and 1811 in Vienna and dedicated to Beethoven's patron and pupil Archduke Rudolph of Austria. First Performance in Vienna with the Archduck as soloist. The epitthet EMPORER was coined by the English publisher of the concerto. more at wikipedia
official website Grimaud

Andre Kostelanetz

The Andre Kostelanetz Radio Programs

 In the 1930s, he began his own weekly show on CBS, André Kostelanetz Presents. Kostelanetz was known for arranging and recording light classical music pieces for mass audiences, as well as orchestral versions of songs and Broadway show tunes.

Voice of Firestone OTR series

The Voice of Firestone was a long-running radio and television program of classical music. The show featured leading singers in selections from opera and operetta. Originally titled The Firestone Hour, it was first broadcast on the NBC Radio network on December 3, 1928 and was later also shown on television starting in 1949. The program was last broadcast in 1963.


MET OPERA AUDITIONS Old Time Radio series

The Metropolitan Opera Auditions of the Air was an annual singing competition sponsored by the Metropolitan Opera of New York City for more than two decades and hosted by Milton Cross. The competition's purpose was to find, encourage, and promote developing young opera singers with promising future careers.
Winners of the competition were given a cash prize and the opportunity to perform opera selections on the radio with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra.



Hollywood Bowl Silver Jubilee Series

The series was conducted by Leopold  Stokowski and was a grand introduction to classical symphonic music at the Hollywood Bowl - selections include the opera Carmen sung in English, featured soloists Isaac Stern, Dorothy Eustis, Roman Totenberg, and Percy Grainger, with selections from Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Rachmaninoff, and Cellini.

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The Bell Telephone hour

The Bell Telephone Hour (also known as The Telephone Hour) was a concert series which began April 29, 1940, on NBC Radio and was heard on NBC until June 30, 1958. Sponsored by Bell Telephone as the name implies, it showcased the best in classical and Broadway music, reaching eight to nine million listeners each week. It continued on television from 1959 to 1968. Throughout the program's run on both radio and television, the studio orchestra on the program was conducted by Donald Voorhees.


24/7 classical music on

Classical music is art music produced or rooted in the traditions of Western culture, including both liturgical (religious) and secular music. While a more precise term is also used to refer to the period from 1750 to 1820 (the Classical period), this daily collection on is about the broad span of time from before the 6th century AD to the present day, which includes the Classical period and various other periods. 24/7 presents classical music of all genres and periods, mostly symphonies, concertos and long form classics with brief commentary exploring the wide range of styles in European classical music and contemporary serious American styles. more from WIKIPEDIA including the major time divisions of Western art music.


Karl Haas program Adventure In Good Music

Karl Haas (December 6, 1913 – February 6, 2005) was a German-American classical music radio host, known for his sonorous speaking voice, humanistic approach to music appreciation, and popularization of classical music. He was the host of the classical music radio program Adventures in Good Music, which was syndicated to commercial and public radio stations around the world.

 Haas bio at WIKIPEDIA

Listen to classic light music programs on CONCERT CAMEOS

CONCERT CAMEOS is our program devoted to composers of semi-classical music. Light music is a generic term applied to "light" orchestral music, which originated in the 18th and 19th centuries and continues until the present day. Its heyday occurred during the mid‑20th century. There are hundreds of composers who can be considered to have written "light music", although composers whose oeuvre focussed primarily on lighter works include Charles Ancliffe, Ronald Binge, Eric Coates, Frederic Curzon, Trevor Duncan, Robert Farnon, Adalgiso Ferraris, Ron Goodwin, Albert Ketèlbey, Billy Mayerl, Leroy Anderson, Angela Morley, Ernest Tomlinson, Sidney Torch, Edward White, Charles Williams, Alberto Semprini and Haydn Wood. Each of these composers worked during the "golden age" of light music from roughly 1920-1960. Listen for CONCERT CAMEOS our program of light music with composer biographies hosted by R. Alan Campbell on www-lightconcertmusic

Keyboard Immortals has a nice description of the Keyboard Immortals series of programs featuring actual performances recorded on piano rolls. Hear selections performed by Debussy, Chopin and other classical composers. Audiophile and electronics pioneer Joseph Tushinsky had a refurbished Vorsetzer (piano roll player) in his home and over the years collected some 2,800 Welte piano rolls and created this radio show in his living room.


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